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Improving Smiles

Single Tooth v. Multiple Teeth Replacement

Tooth Replacement

Dental implants allow for one tooth or multiple teeth to be replaced while reducing bone loss, and giving you the natural look to match your other teeth.

Single Tooth Replacement

If you only have one tooth that needs to be replaced, then a single-tooth dental implant could be the perfect fit for you. Implant dentistry in New York City can be used to replace almost any missing tooth that you might have. If you do not have enough bone at the site of the implant, then new procedures can help regenerate enough bone so the implant can be inserted.

The dental implant is simply placed in the bone below the gum tissue. This allows for the tooth to be replaced, without disrupting the healthy teeth that surround it. Because no healthy teeth have to be grinded down (ground down) to serve as posts for traditional bridge and crown treatments, there is less tooth loss with the implant procedure.

Multiple Tooth Replacement

If you need multiple teeth replaced, then you can still turn to implant dentistry to help restore your smile. Like a single tooth replacement, with multiple tooth replacement and implant dentistry, the need to grind down healthy adjacent teeth becomes unnecessary.

A custom made bridge is created by a dental laboratory. This bridge molds to match your existing teeth, and is securely held in place by the titanium “root device” that has been placed in the bone.

The Big Picture

Both single and multiple tooth replacements give you the durability and convenience that you have been searching for. The days of removable dentures are gone, and you can rest assured knowing that you have a natural smile that will last. Your speech can even be improved by replacing a tooth, as well as your ability to chew and eat.

On top of all of the benefits, you will have the self-confidence to continually smile. When people look at you, they will notice just how beautiful your smile is, not the imperfections that once surrounded it. Give yourself the opportunity to discuss dental implants with Dr. Cliff Melnick at Fifth Avenue Periodontics in Manhattan. Dr. Melnick can answer any questions that you have concerning dental implants, and talk about if implant dentistry is right for you.