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Gum Recession and Your Oral Health

Gum recession is the process where the margin of the gum tissue that embeds a tooth starts to wear away.  When this occurs, more of a tooth or a tooth root can be exposed.  Gum recession is one of the first signs of gum disease.  The gaps that form between the teeth and gum line allow for disease-causing bacteria to begin building. If gum recession is left untreated, supporting tissues and bone structures of the teeth can become damaged.  In-turn, tooth loss may occur as a result of the damaged structures.

Many individuals do not know that they are experiencing gum recession, as it is a gradual process.  Regular visits with Dr. Clifford Melnick can ensure that gum recession is monitored and addressed. In addition, preventative care can be initiated to help maintain gum health.

At our Manhattan office, we offer a wide array of services aimed to keep your gums healthy, and to address any gum issues that may have developed.  These services include:

  • Scaling and root planing (deep cleaning under the gum line to remove embedded calculus or tartar and toxins on the root surface).  This is generally done with local anesthesia to numb the area.
  • Non-surgical chemotherapeutic treatment.  ( Use of antibiotics under the gum line to treat localized gum pockets)
  • Surgical gum disease treatment
  • Comprehensive gum care maintenance
  • Surgical and non-surgical CO2 laser treatments

During a visit with Dr. Clifford Melnick, all of your gum treatment options will be discussed with you in depth.  If left untreated, gum recession can lead to major oral health issues, including periodontal diseases.  Dr. Clifford Melnick works with you to create a periodontal plan that keeps your gums healthy, and away from future problems that can impact your oral and overall health.

Dr. Clifford Melnick and Periodontal Care

To find out more information about Dr. Clifford Melnick and periodontal care, please contact our Manhattan office.  We will answer all of your questions about our procedures and services, and schedule you for an appointment for Dr. Clifford Melnick.

During your first exam, Dr. Clifford Melnick will perform a complete assessment of your oral health, and discuss any treatments or services that might benefit you.  At our Manhattan dental office, your health is of the utmost importance to us.  To learn more about how you can keep oral health at its best, please contact us today at 212-355-1266.  Your oral health is important—take the steps to protect it today with periodontal care and Dr. Clifford Melnick.



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