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What Our Patients Are Saying

“Just came back from his office where he did a bone graft using a crystalline bovine bone matrix to patch a defect in my palatine bone. He was amazing. He’s been doing this a long time and knows all the latest procedures. I was really apprehensive when I went in, but he made me feel at ease. Easily one of the most competent professionals with which I’ve visited.”

“I knew I needed extensive periodontal work — months of expensive and potentially painful procedures — and began the work with a well-connected doctor here in Manhattan. About that, I will only say that it was the only time I’ve ever discontinued services with a doctor. I’m so grateful I shifted to Dr. Melnick. With him, there is no BS, no hype, just incredibly sensitive, gentle, capable care. He explained the procedures clearly, with as much detail as I could absorb — but no more: no showing off, no overwhelming me with information. I have issues with gagging and dental anxiety, and he always treated me with total respect. His manner is warm, relaxed and confident, which makes the procedure about as pleasant as it could be. Going to the office is like going to visit a brother (and sister, with his incredibly warm assistant) who you know is going to be on your side and make sure you are comfortable and supported while you’re getting fixed up. I couldn’t recommend him more.”

“I was referred to Dr. Melnick by my general dentist for periodontal work. Dr. Melnick was very understanding and patient with me. The office facilities were great and you felt very comfortable. I dread going back but I’m happy to know that I’ll be in capable hands.”

“Always very personlable and accommodating. Treats with as little discomfort as possible and maintains a very high standard for over-all dental health. Cost is reasonable and works with one’s insurance as much as possible. Office staff are warm and efficient.”
“About Assistant: Dee is tops! She works very closely with Dr. Melnick and they make an excellent team.”

“He put me completely at ease and explained everything to me. He is a very good Periodontist and I would recommend him to anyone!”
“About Hygienist: She was wonderful and personable”

“Although I hope I never have to see him very often, he is good. He did work that could have been very painful, and it wasn’t painful at all. That’s my only real criteria that matters. His front desk people aren’t so easy, but you get through it.”
“About Hygienist: I’ve dealt with Hygienists that I really liked and didn’t hurt – and some that I hope I don’t have to see again – so, its a toss up. I keep going.”

“I am a 31-year old woman who was referred to Dr. Melnick by my dentist for moderate periodontitis. I underwent root planing for my entire mouth and bone grafting and guide tissue regeneration for the right side.
Dr. Melnick is truly a capable practitioner and a great listener. He quickly sized up my fears, answered all the hundreds of questions I had, and took me through the process of osseous surgery. I was very hesitant to undergo gum surgery but he explained why it was necessary and the recovery was not as bad as expected. Dr. Melnick is very thorough and he spent about 1.5 hours working on one side of my mouth. It was also not as painful as I expected, partially because Dr. Melnick told me exactly what he was doing so there were no surprises.”
* “His assistant was a delight and their easy rapport put me at ease.”
* “Kim, the administrator was also very helpful in working with the insurance company.”
* “I will certainly be returning to Dr. Melnick for work on the other side of my mouth in the winter.”

“I have always felt better when faced with a situation I am nervous or scared about by having as much information (and alternatives) as I can, before making a decision. Dr. Melnick is that rare breed of dentist who actually explains in detail a patient’s options, cost , and length of time it will take to complete a treatment, and he’s not ready to begin until he knows you are comfortable with your options. His manner during treatment and procedure is calming and relaxing, and very reassuring. His staff are an exceptional team that have a great rapport with each other, as well as the people who walk through the door. I’ve told others this, but I always end up feeling better leaving than I did walking in, and how many people can say that after they have just received an intense root planing? I couldn’t be happier with my new smile.”

“Excellent doctor. He gets you in and out fast. The staff was professional, helpful and the recovery period exactly as described. He receives my high recommendations.”