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At Fifth Avenue Periodontics, we offer full-service periodontal care and implant dentistry, in a caring and professional environment. Our practice, serving patients throughout New York City from our office in Midtown Manhattan, near Central Park, combines the experience of a periodontist and implant dentist, and a team of dental professionals, to bring you the best care possible. Because the fields of periodontics and implant dentistry are always evolving, Dr. Clifford Melnick and his team participate in continuing education classes throughout the year to keep abreast of the latest technology and techniques.

Samantha Makharadze – Certified Dental Hygienist

Fifth Avenue PeriodonticsSamantha Makharadze graduated from New York University in 1994 with a Bachelor’s Degree in dental hygiene. She has had extensive experience over the last seven years in all phases of dental hygiene. She now assists our periodontist and implant dentist at Fifth Avenue Periodontics. She is experienced in the placement of antibiotic chips and subgingival (below the gums) irrigation of medicines to combat periodontal disease. Samantha is very dedicated to her work and is enthusiastic when she sees the fruits of her labor.

“Prevention is the key to long term success for our patients,” said Samantha. “Once we have arrested the disease process, it is so important for our patients to have regular three or four month cleanings so that we can spot problems early if they arise. Then, treatment is usually not complicated. I love the interaction with our patients and to see their improvement over time; it is very rewarding.”

Samantha and her husband enjoy skiing, tennis and running.

Maya Opancha – RDH

I am very fortunate to be a hygienist working for Dr. Melnick. I attended NYU dental hygiene school from 1992 to 1996.  I am a gentle, thorough and  efficient practicioner. Treating patients the right way is my goal. I care and love my patients. It is my mission to diagnose and treat gingivitis and periodontitis. The methodology to accomplish this is conservative non- surgical and pre-surgical treatment with patient involvement and compliance. I have a philosophy to be patient- centered; to see patients as a whole by using a systematic approach to patient care with evaluation, direct observation and needed treatment. This approach is very effective. When I’m not working, I like to walk. I also like to plant flowers and garden.

Demetria James – Dental Assistant

I have been a dental assistant for over 27 years.  I enjoy working in the dental field, particularly in the specialty of Periodontics and Implants.  Making people smile is my greatest joy.  Working for Dr. Melnick these past 8 years has been a wonderful experience because we like to help people with improving their oral health. We also enjoy the challenge of helping patients in changing their old habits.  We are good listeners and work hard to calm their fears.  We’ve been working together for a long time and he’s taught me a lot. When not working, I love to cook and dance with my husband and raising my 2 children.

Kimberly Clarke – Office Manager

Kimberly Clarke has worked in the dental field for more than six years. She has experience in all types of insurance and billing, and is very efficient in turning around insurance claims. In fact, we have recently starting submitting claim forms electronically to speed up the response from insurance companies. Kim is a warm, friendly, and courteous individual and is a real “people person.” She really enjoys the interaction with our patients and is always willing to help with any issue that might arise.

When not working, Kim enjoys spending time with her family — her husband, and three children.

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If you would like to learn more about our team and our practice, contact Fifth Avenue Periodontics today. From our office across the street from Central Park, our periodontist and implant dentist serves patients from throughout Manhattan and the surrounding boros and suburbs of New York City. We welcome you as a patient and appreciate the opportunity to provide you with state of the art periodontal care and implant dentistry services.