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Laser Gum Contouring Procedure

Even those with perfect oral health and ideally aligned, exquisitely white teeth can have smiles that are affected by excessive or uneven gum tissue. People with “gummy” smiles are often self-conscious as their teeth appear shorter than they actually are. Sometimes, uneven gum tissue can make teeth look misshapen or misaligned when, in actuality, they are in excellent condition. For such patients, thankfully, there is a highly effective solution.

Manhattan cosmetic dentist Clifford S. Melnick is pleased to offer laser gum contouring to patients of his New York periodontal practice. Laser gum contouring is the most precise, pain-free method of reshaping the gums. The result of laser gum contouring is a proportional, balanced smile that you will be proud to flash at every opportunity.

Why Laser Treatment?

In the past, the only way to reshape the gums was through surgical removal of periodontal tissue using traditional scalpels and other instruments. While the results could be quite good, the healing process took several weeks, during which patients were at heightened risk of pain and infection. Modern dental lasers, however, are able to ablate the soft periodontal tissues while causing only minimal bleeding and swelling. The laser allows for far greater precision than traditional surgical instruments, giving Dr. Melnick full control over the reshaping process. With complete accuracy, Dr. Melnick can craft a gum line that beautifully frames the teeth, with the shape and size of each individual tooth – in relation with the other teeth and the entire mouth – taken into careful account. The result is a stunning smile, not to mention a very short recovery period and little to no discomfort. Indeed, some patients require no pain relief whatsoever.

The results of laser gum contouring are permanent. You do not have to worry about the gum tissue regenerating. As long as you take proper measures to keep your newly contoured gums healthy – including regular periodontal exams and dental appointments – your beautifully reshaped smile will last a lifetime.

Candidacy for Laser Gum Contouring

Because dental lasers are so safe and precise, most patients with excess gum tissue are good candidates for laser gum treatment at our New York periodontal practice. Lasers can be used on nearly anyone, with the exception of patients who are on oxygen. Otherwise, even those who are pregnant or who have pacemakers may undergo laser gum contouring.

If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your smile because you have “overhanging” gum tissue, gum tissue that obscures the front surfaces of your teeth, or an irregular, jagged gum line, chances are that you are an excellent candidate for laser gum contouring. As a patient of Dr. Clifford S. Melnick’s, you can expect superb results that are attractive and completely natural looking.

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Are you ready to say goodbye to your gummy smile and hello to a beautifully contoured gum line? If so, we want to hear from you. Please contact Dr. Clifford S. Melnick today to learn more about laser gum contouring and to schedule a consultation at our New York practice.