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LANAP Laser vs. Osseous Surgery

With recent advancements in periodontal laser technology, New York periodontist Cliff Melnick, DMD offers a minimally invasive alternative to traditional gum disease treatment. Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) is a breakthrough procedure that is less painful, and more successful than conventional surgery. Patients suffering from periodontal disease now have an excellent alternative to traditional gum surgery.

Periodontal Disease and Osseous Surgery

Gum disease (periodontal disease) is an infection of the gum tissue that damages your gums, teeth and jawbone. Gum and bone tissue should fit tightly around healthy teeth, creating a protective cover from bacteria.  Patients diagnosed with periodontal disease suffer lost supporting tissue and bone. This results in the formation of pockets around the teeth where bacteria accumulate. Over time, these pockets grow and provide a larger environment in which bacteria thrive. As bacteria multiply around the teeth, they advance under the gum tissue, into the bone. Osseous surgery also known as “pocket depth reduction” is a surgical procedure that removes diseased tissue surrounding the teeth. When the pockets are too deep to clean with daily home care,  Dr. Melnick recommends professional care using LANAP.

LANAP vs. Traditional Gum Surgery

One major difference with LANAP vs. traditional periodontal surgery is the use of precise lasers instead of scalpels. For patients with anxiety about dental surgery, this fact alone makes LANAP the clear choice. While this is an important decision-making consideration, LANAP offers equally beneficial advantages for health, comfort and recovery. During traditional gum surgery, an incision is made into your healthy gums, using a scalpel, to gain access and visibility to the site that requires treatment. While this incision will be stitched up after the close of the procedure, the action of cutting and sewing your healthy gum tissue can result in gum recession. Traditional gum surgery can cause your gum line to recede up to 15 millimeters, which creates the need for additional treatments, such as gum grafts. With LANAP, however, there is no need to cut or suture your healthy tissue, as it will remain intact. This also greatly reduces tissue shrinkage, discomfort and healing times during gum surgery recovery.

The PerioLase® MVP-7™ allows Dr. Melnick to control and minimize any bleeding, utilizing blood coagulation to facilitate the recovery from gum surgery by producing a healthier healing environment. This procedure can also reduce up to 90 percent of the inflammation in your treated gum tissues after just one session of laser gum disease treatment in the New York City. And recent studies found that LANAP induced periodontal regeneration- growth of new bone and new tissue that will regenerate back to its original structure.

It is important to our office that our patients are comfortable throughout their laser gum care treatment. LANAP offers a long term health benefit that is unrealized with traditional gum surgery, and that is improved bone health. During the procedure, the laser is utilized to stimulate the bone at the tooth root and spurs the regeneration of bone. This allows Dr. Melnick to save teeth that may otherwise be hopeless.

Why Should You Choose LANAP?

  • 24 Hour Recovery Time with Minimal Discomfort
  • 98% of Laser Treated Patients Remain Stable After Five Years
  • Greater Predictability for Reattachment of Gum Tissue and Bone Regeneration
  • Less Time in the Dental Chair
  • Reduced Risk of Infection
  • Decreased Sensitivity and Less Bleeding
  • Minimum to No Gum Recession

Dr. Cliff Melnick has been a practicing periodontics in New York City for over 30 years. Dr. Melnick has been voted one of America’s Best Dentist in 2016. Dr. Melnick is dedicated to researching and finding the best dental technology to ensure the highest level of periodontal care for his patients. For patients in New York City who need periodontal disease treatment, Dr. Melnick chooses LANAP. If you would like to experience less discomfort and faster gum surgery recovery times with LANAP®, schedule a consultation at Fifth Avenue Periodontics today.