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Gum Disease Symptoms

What Is Gum Disease?

As the leading cause of tooth loss, gum disease has serious implications.  Bacteria that are found in plaque create toxins that break down bone and connective tissues that keep teeth in place.  As a result, pockets deepen and gum tissue and bone are both destroyed.  The teeth are no longer held securely in place and in-turn, become loose, leading to tooth loss.

Dr. Clifford Melnick is passionate about helping patients prevent gum disease through preventative treatment and regular periodontal care.  Through this blog, you will learn some of the common symptoms associated with gum disease so that you can become more informed on the status of your oral health.

Common Symptoms of Gum Disease

Gum disease is essentially painless as it progresses, making it difficult for an individual to identify even in the later stages of the disease. However, there are some warning indicators, which are important to be aware of and include:

  • Bleeding gums during and after tooth brushing
  • Gums that are red, tender, and/or swollen
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Recurrent bad taste in the mouth
  • Gums that are receding
  • Loose or shifting teeth
  • Deep pockets between the gums and teeth
  • Differences in how the teeth fit when biting, or differences in how partial dentures fit

Dr. Clifford Melnick stresses the importance of regular dental and periodontal care.  Only a dentist or periodontist is able to determine the course of gum disease and identify further warning signs.  Scheduling regular check-ups, dental and periodontal cleanings, and exams are important measures to ensure that your oral and overall health stay in excellent shape. To learn more about your oral health, contact Dr. Clifford Melnick to schedule an appointment at our Manhattan dental office at 212-355-1266.

Learn More about Gum Disease

If you are interested in finding out more information about your risks of developing gum disease, then please contact Dr. Clifford Melnick today. Dr. Melnick will answer all of your inquiries regarding gum disease and the possible risks and implications if it is not addressed.

Your oral health is of the utmost importance and is connected to your general health as well.  Learn more ways to keep your smile at its best by contacting Dr. Clifford Melnick and his team at our Manhattan dental office today.