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Full Mouth Reconstruction Candidates

A smile that’s healthy often looks great as well–it’s free from tooth decay, stains, and misalignment. Of course, not everyone is born with a perfect smile, which is why it’s so important to visit our New York City cosmetic dentistry practice. Using the latest dental care technology and techniques, we can enhance your dental health and help you have the smile that you’ve always dreamed of. To do this, we’ll perform a full mouth reconstruction. We’d like to take a moment right now to explain what a full mouth reconstruction is and what it involves.

About Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatment

Full mouth reconstructions are combinations of dental treatments designed to fix dental problems and enhance the beauty of the smile. Each treatment is tailored to the needs of the patient, though we always address the most pressing dental health matters first before addressing issues of aesthetics. When you come to our dental care center in Manhattan, we can go over all matters related to treatment in greater detail.

Ideal Candidates for This Kind of Dental Treatment

Since full mouth reconstructions are essentially dental rehabilitations, all people are potentially good candidates for a full mouth reconstruction. If a patient is experiencing multiple dental problems, this treatment will be especially helpful. Let’s look at some dental problems that full mouth reconstructions can address.

Tooth Decay and Tooth Damage

Whether it’s minor cavities or substantial tooth decay, we will be able to rebuild tooth structure and enhance the integrity of a patient’s bite. We will use laser dentistry to prepare teeth for dental restorations. Dental fillings are ideal for minor tooth decay, inlays and onlays are good for more substantial issues with tooth decay, and dental crowns are best for major tooth damage.

Missing Teeth and Tooth Loss

Missing teeth can make it hard to chew, speak, or even smile without feeling self-conscious. Getting dental bridges or dentures placed will go a long way to restoring full function and appearance of your mouth. The best hold of these dental appliances is provided by New York City dental implants, which are artificial tooth roots that are surgically placed into the gums and jawbone.

Gum Disease and Gum Recession

Gum disease is no laughing matter, especially as it can lead to tooth loss and more serious health issues if not treated. We offer various treatments for gum disease, first addressing the infection of the gums and then to rebuilding and restoring the overall appearance of your smile.

Crooked and Misaligned Teeth

Crooked teeth are not just unsightly. They can also cause major dental health issues, such as teeth grinding. It’s important that we assess a patient’s eligibility for orthodontic care, which improves tooth alignment and helps patients look their absolute best in the process.

Issues With the Jaw Joint

Tooth grinding, injuries, and other factors can result in pain of the jaw joint. Similarly, popping, locking, and crunching can occur, which is better known as a TMJ disorder. There are numerous treatment options to consider for TMJ disorders and other issues related to the jaw joint, and we will work hard to identify the root cause of the problem and address that issue.

Schedule a Consultation for a Mouth Reconstruction

If you would like to learn more about full mouth reconstruction, restorative dentistry, and enhancing your dental health, be sure to contact our New York City periodontics and implant dentistry center today. The entire team at our practice is eager to meet you in person and go over all of your options for achieving a healthy, attractive smile.