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What is LANAP Dental Technology?

Treat periodontal disease with the healing power of advanced laser therapy at Fifth Avenue Periodontics. Allowing gum disease to go untreated can have major consequences, including everything from bleeding, swollen gums and visible redness to eventual tooth and bone loss. At Fifth Avenue Periodontics we strive to treat advanced gum disease with ease and comfort for our patients. At our practice, periodontal treatment can be performed with cutting-edge new technology in the form of the patented LANAP® laser procedure. LANAP, or Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure is a laser based technique for the treatment of periodontal disease using the Millenium PerioLase Laser. LANAP® is a proven method of treatment for periodontal disease that focuses on the regeneration of gum tissue rather than its removal. Fear of periodontal treatment subsides when patients learn that no scalpel or sutures are used during the procedure. The patient’s healthy gum tissue is allowed to remain intact while connective tissues are healed and reestablished over time.

The LANAP Procedure

Traditional gum surgery involves cutting away some of the gum tissue and reshaping the underlying bone with dental drills. LANAP® periodontal treatment is far less invasive, more convenient and more comfortable than scalpel and suture procedures.  It has   proven to be an ideal alternative for countless gum disease patients who might otherwise avoid seeking necessary treatment.  In the first pass of the laser, light energy is used to destroy the bacteria which cause the disease and the tissues of the infected pocket lining are removed which allows for better visualization of the roots of the teeth. Tartar, associated with inflamed and bleeding gums, is removed from the root surface of the teeth using an ultrasonic scaler and small instruments. A second pass of the laser is used to disinfect the pockets and seal them up through the formation of a stable blood clot.  The bite is then adjusted to minimize the destructive and uneven biting forces on the teeth.  A night guard is fabricated so that your teeth are stabilized and immobilized while you sleep.  This prevents clenching which can have a damaging effect on the surrounding tissues and delay or prevent healing.

Is LANAP Painful?

Most people experience some mild soreness of the treated areas for the first several days.  Ibuprofen is recommended after the procedure to control any mild symptoms. Please contact us today to schedule your periodontal therapy consultation with Dr. Cliff Melnick. We treat patients with the LANAP® procedure throughout Manhattan. If you haven’t yet visited our office and this will be your first appointment, please contact us to schedule an appointment.