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Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer, if not diagnosed and treated in the early stages, can spread quickly, and cause chronic pain, loss of function, oral and facial disfigurement, and even death.  Because of the severity of this condition, Dr. Clifford Melnick is dedicated to oral cancer detection and screenings at his New York dental office.

During a routine dental examination, Dr. Clifford Melnick will perform a detailed evaluation and look for any changes in the tissues of the neck, head, cheeks, oral cavity, and the soft tissues of the mouth.  Dr. Melnick will also look for sores and discolored tissues. If Dr. Melnick observes any abnormalities, a biopsy will be ordered to confirm the diagnosis.  Further action may be required if oral cancer is confirmed, and can include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Most oral cancers start in squamous cells, the thin, flat cells that line the lips, oral cavity, and oropharynx. Cancer that forms in squamous cells is called squamous cell carcinoma.

Oral cancer can be prevented, and Dr. Clifford Melnick offers guidance and resources to keep your oral health on track.  Some of the most common risk factors for oral cancer include:

  • Tobacco Use- most individuals who are diagnosed with oral cancer use tobacco in any form (chewing tobacco, cigarettes, pipe smoking).  There is also a risk for individuals to develop oral cancer when exposed to second hand smoke.
  • Alcohol Use- the risk for oral cancer increases dramatically with heavy drinking, classified as more than 21 alcoholic drinks per week.  Combining tobacco and alcohol use can dramatically increase the risk of developing oral cancer.

While there are multiple other risk factors that can lead to the development of oral cancer, alcohol and tobacco use are the most common.  If you need help to stop smoking or drinking, Dr. Clifford Melnick has the tools and resources to help you quit for the benefit of your oral and general health.

Learn More about Oral Cancer Prevention and Screenings

If you would like to learn more information about oral cancer prevention and our screenings, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Clifford Melnick.  Dr. Melnick will answer all of your questions about oral cancer, the risk factors, and how you can prevent oral cancer.

Regular dental visits to Dr. Clifford Melnick can make a dramatic difference in keeping your mouth and gums healthy.  Contact Fifth Avenue Periodontics today to find out more about bettering your oral health.