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Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a procedure that lengthens the clinical crown of the tooth so that a tooth can be sealed.  After the tooth is sealed, bacteria cannot enter when the crown or cap is made.  Patients with a tooth that has broken or decayed below the gum line can have their teeth saved from extraction and additional damage with a crown lengthening procedure.   In addition, when a tooth is broken down from a fracture, crown lengthening can create more length to make space for reconstruction.

Patients can require a crown lengthening procedure to remove gum tissue and bone surround the teeth to expose a healthier tooth below.  Excess gum tissue is removed and small incisions are made so that the surrounding bone can also be reduced.  Patients who undergo a crown lengthening procedure that is assisted with soft-tissue lasers can expect to experience less healing time and little pain during the recovery process.

Procedures for crown lengthening that utilize CO2 dental lasers are safe and effective for all patients, including those with health restrictions including: pregnancy, pacemakers, and organ transplants.  The Deka Ultraspeed CO2 Dental Laser yields reduced recovery times and a decrease in the need for sutures and extensive aesthetics.  Some local anesthetics may be used during the time of the procedure to ensure that a patient is comfortable throughout the entire dental surgery.

Crown lengthening is a common surgical procedure, and can be completed require little recovery time with an expert such as Dr. Clifford Melnick.  Within weeks, the gum line can heal properly to allow for other restorative dentistry procedures to take place.  After the procedure is completed, a more decay-free tooth surface is accessible, which allows for a dental crown or filling to be placed without the risk of irritation or infection.

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