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Laser Gum Treatment New YorkIf you suffer from gingivitis or gum disease, you may benefit from laser gum treatment. At the New York office of Fifth Avenue Periodontics, we are dedicated to maintaining our patients’ oral health and promoting strong, durable root structures that can provide years of functionality and comfort. We are happy to utilize laser gum treatment at our Manhattan dental practice, as it is proven to be safe and effective. Thanks to the precision of laser dentistry, this technique causes less discomfort and results in faster healing than traditional periodontal treatments. We encourage you to contact our Manhattan dental practice today if you are interested in scheduling a consultation on laser gum treatment in the New York area. Our team of dental professionals, led by Dr. Clifford S. Melnick, is dedicated to patient care and would be happy to help.

Laser Gum Treatment

Laser gum treatment can be used to treat gingivitis and gum disease in one of two ways: by removing damaged or diseased tissue through an application of laser energy or by killing bacteria in tissue pockets that could lead to infection at a later point in time. The energy of the laser is such that surface cells – lesions or tumors for example – can be safely vaporized without causing damage to surrounding tissue. Because of the precise nature of the laser, it can also be used to treat previously inaccessible places in the mouth, including deep tissue pockets or the area between the gums and the teeth. Gum disease can lead to a severe erosion of dental health, and has been linked to other health complications, including stroke and heart disease; laser gum treatment is a safe and effective means of improving the health of the teeth’s supporting structures, and can prove tremendously beneficial.

In addition to treating gingivitis and gum disease, laser gum treatment can also be used to reshape the gums. The soft tissue of the gums can be easily restructured with a dental laser; the tissue absorbs the majority of the energy, which helps to prevent tissue damage, but the surface cells are quickly vaporized. This allows us to safely reshape the gum line to provide you with a more defined, more natural-looking smile. Many of our patients with “gummy” smiles find they enjoy improved self-confidence and smile more often after undergoing laser gum treatment and gum reshaping. If you are unhappy with your smile or would like to alter the shape of your gum line, laser gum treatment may be for you.

Benefits of Laser Gum Treatment

At Fifth Avenue Periodontics, we offer laser gum treatment for the benefit of our patients, as it offers numerous advantages over traditional techniques, including:

  • Less Pain – The laser causes less pain and discomfort than traditional surgical techniques, and thus the need for sedation dentistry or local anesthetic is vastly reduced. With laser gum treatment, many of our patients are able to undergo treatment without requiring pain relief of any kind.
  • Reduced risk of infection (laser sterilizes the surgical field while it is working
  • Faster Recovery – The precision afforded by laser gum treatment means that surrounding tissues are left untouched, and the affected areas are treated in a more refined, more effective manner. This allows the patient to experience less post-operative discomfort and recover quicker.
  • Reduced Bleeding – During a typical gum treatment, there is a small amount of blood loss as a result of the sensitive nature of the soft tissues of the gums; with laser gum treatment, bleeding and swelling are both reduced and kept under control.

Contact Us Regarding Laser Gum Treatment

We are proud to offer laser gum treatment at our New York dental practice; if you are seeking periodontal care in Manhattan, please contact Dr. Clifford S. Melnick today to schedule a consultation.