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Modern Dental Treatment Utilizing Advanced Laser Technology

laser-dentistryWe employ laser dentistry at our New York practice – Fifth Avenue Periodontics in Manhattan – to meet our patients’ needs. Our team strives to provide our patients with healthy and functional dental roots, and we use an array of dental technologies, including Nd:YAG (Periolase) laser technology, to maintain the supporting structures of the teeth. If you suffer from gum disease, have lesions or tumors on the gum line, or would like to modify the shape of your gum line for aesthetic reasons, laser dentistry can provide quick and effective treatment. In addition to laser dentistry, we offer a number of dental procedures at our Manhattan practice that you can take advantage of if you are interested in improving your smile. To learn more about laser dentistry, contact our New York dental practice today.

Nd:YAG (Periolase) Laser Technology

The Nd:YAG (Periolase) utilized in our practice is a precision instrument for treating periodontal disease by vaporizing the tissues and sterilizing the bacteria. We can reshape the gum line (gingivectomy) or remove the frenum (band of fibrous tissues connected to the tongue or lip). The Nd:YAG (Periolase) is utilized for a number of surgical procedures. However, it’s main use is for treating periodontal disease, utilizing the LANAP protocol. The Nd:YAG (periolase) is not suitable for all procedures, however it’s a capable tool and is ideal for a number of soft tissue periodontal procedures.

The laser emits an intense beam of light powerful enough to instantaneously vaporize infected tissue and bacteria. The Nd:YAG (Periolase) targets the pigmented bacteria and inflamed tissues which are darker than the healthy tissue. For this reason the Nd:YAG (Periolase) is efficient at killing bacteria and only removing inflamed and infected tissues, while sparing the healthy tissues. This process is so precise that healthy surrounding tissue is minimally affected. The Nd:YAG (Periolase) gives us an exceptional level of control in performing periodontal procedures.

Laser Dentistry

The Nd:YAG (Periolase) is a tremendous tool in that we are able to treat the gingiva effectively, while minimizing or eliminating damage to surrounding tissues while reducing the need for anesthetics and sutures. The laser also offers a level of precision that simply isn’t available with other conventional dental techniques. The use of laser dentistry can also reduce bleeding, minimize bacterial infection, and promote faster healing time because the laser sterilizes as it works. A number of soft tissue procedures can be performed utilizing laser dentistry, including crown lengthening, the treatment of soft tissue folds, frenectomies, and gum treatment. Cold sores and benign tumors can also be treated with lasers, as the surface cells can be safely vaporized.

Is Laser Dentistry a safe, proven technology?

Yes!! It has been shown that dental lasers are safe for both children and adults. There are NO LIMITATIONS for use in pregnancy, diabetes, parkinson’s, transplants (heart/kidney), blood thinners, and pacemakers to list just a few.

Some Procedures We Perform With Nd:YAG (Periolase) Laser

Smile design
Treatment of Peri-implantitis and uncovering implants
Sulcus Sterilization or Pocket Decontamination-non-surgical laser treatment
Treatment of Canker sores, Herpes Labialis and Hemangiomas
Treatment of frenectomy, gingivectomy, vestibuloplasty and hyperplasia
Tooth desensitization
Plus many other procedures!

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If you are seeking advanced dental treatment in the Manhattan area, you can take advantage of the laser dentistry procedures offered at our New York practice. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Clifford S. Melnick, please feel free to contact our dental office today.