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LANAP Recovery Process

Periodontal disease not only effects the health of your smile, but has a negative effect on your systemic health. Dr. Cliff Melnick discusses the link between gum disease and heart disease on our Gum Disease page.

Fortunately, with the advancement in technology, there is a new and effective treatment for periodontal disease, LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure). The recovery after LANAP treatment is generally less painful than traditional flap surgery.  The gums are not cut away, the bone is not reshaped with drills, and the tissues are not stitched with LANAP so the postoperative symptoms are generally less severe.

The First Few Days

Following Laser Therapy, follow only a liquid like diet to allow faster recovery. You’ll experience minor discoloration of the treated gum disease similar to what a scab looks like when you get it wet. It is very important NOT to brush or pick this away, as this fibrin barrier is what allows the gums underneath to get a head start creating a new attachment to the teeth.

Several Days Post Treatment

Seven to ten days after treatment, soft food may be allowed. The time to start on soft foods is dependent upon the loss of the white material that appeared around your teeth following LANAP treatment. Dr. Cliff Melnick explains that this material is completely natural and will disappear quickly if left alone. To ensure the best results, adhering to a healthy diet of foods and beverages will only help to quicken your recovery.

Things to Avoid

Remember although LANAP is minimally invasive, there are some foods that you’ll want to avoid, as to not hinder the recovery process. Those items include: gum, candy, cookies, chips, nuts, and anything hard or crunchy. The general rule of thumb is to avoid foods that can easily bruise or scratch your gums.

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