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Gum Disease & General Health

When most individuals think about their health, oral health is not one of the first things that comes to mind.  Oral health may not always be considered the number one priority when it comes to overall well being, however, the mouth, teeth, and gums all play an important role.  Each part of the mouth requires proper care to maintain oral and general health.   Poor oral health is connected to multiple risk factors including:

  • Cardiac risk
  • Stroke risk
  • Diabetes risk

Dr. Clifford Melnick is committed to offering his patients unparalleled proactive dental care to limit the risks associated with gum disease.  At Fifth Avenue Periodontics in Manhattan, we offer multiple treatment options to ensure your oral health can be maintained or restored.  Some of our most popular periodontal treatments include:

  • Scaling and Root Planing- with this procedure, tartar is removed from the necks of teeth and below the gum line.  This removal of tartar can aid in the treatment of gum disease and keep the teeth healthy.
  • Chemotherapeutic Treatment- this is a state-of-the-art treatment method that is non-surgical.  Through this procedure the antibiotic, Arestin, is placed below the gum line.  The Arestin microspheres remain in the gum pocket for up to 21 days. Arestin helps to kill the bacteria associated with gum disease.
  • Periodontal Maintenance- after Dr. Clifford Melnick ensures the gums are healthy, we offer both professional and home care to keep your gums healthy in between visits to Fifth Avenue Periodontics.
  • Surgery- Dr. Clifford Melnick will consult with you to discuss if surgery is the best option for your dental needs. For gum disease surgeries, we offer bone grafting and guided tissue regeneration.  Our surgical methods can restore bone that is lost with periodontal disease.

During a consultation with Dr. Clifford Melnick, all of your treatment options will be discussed with you.  In addition, Dr. Clifford Melnick will make sure that all of your questions about your oral and general health are answered.

Do not wait to take control of your oral health.  With Dr. Clifford Melnick, you can maintain your smile for a lifetime.  Learn more today by contacting our Manhattan dental office.