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Effects of Teeth Grinding

Flattening of the cusps of the teeth through teeth grinding can lead to overclosure of the jaws.  In addition, tooth sensitivity can occur due to grinding through the enamel of the teeth, which does not have a nerve, to the dentin of the teeth, which has nerves.  When the dentin is exposed after the enamel is ground away, tooth sensitivity is possible.  In extreme wear, the pulp of the tooth may be exposed requiring a root canal.

A night guard can give a patient many years of service.  The night guards we make at our Manhattan office are hard acrylic, which is a heat-processed plastic that is very durable.  The soft night guards available at drug stores are not as effective, as eventually, the teeth leave marks embedded in the soft material and then the patients grinds into them, which defeats the purpose of the night guard.  Also, the material is more porous so bacteria can embed in the grooves and microscopic pores so they become odorous and foul.  The hard acrylic night guards are more cleanable and durable.

Creating a Mouth Guard at Fifth Avenue Perio

An impression is taken of both the upper and lower jaws using a material called alginate.  Stone models are fabricated at our office and a laboratory makes the night guard according to our instructions.  The finished product is usually returned within 10 days.

To learn more about having a custom-made night guard created at our Manhattan office, please contact our team at 212-355-1266.  Do not allow teeth grinding to affect your oral health—learn more about our dental technology today.