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Tooth Extractions at Fifth Avenue Perio

A tooth extraction may be necessary for a patient for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Infection
  • Malposition
  • Fracture of the root
  • Advanced periodontal disease
  • Advanced dental decay

At Fifth Avenue Perio, we use a wide variety of methods and technology for tooth extraction to ensure patient comfort and ultimate oral health.

When we extract teeth for future implant placement, it is essential to preserve the very thin plates of bone at the front and back of the tooth.  Great pains are taken using special techniques to atraumatically remove the teeth without disturbing the supporting bone.  This bone acts as a scaffold for the new bone that forms after we graft the sites.  If that bone is destroyed during the extraction process, the scaffolding is compromised and less bone will be available for implant placement.  Special instruments are used to reduce the risk of damaging this important supporting bone.

We are very cognizant of our patient’s feeling comfortable during our procedures.  During tooth extractions, the only sensations the patient will feel are pressure, vibration, and temperature (cool water).  The pain receptors are numb so there is no pain involved with the extraction.  Post-surgically, we provide patient with medication to control any mild discomfort they might experience at home.  Typically, patients do not require the medication for more than one or two days after surgery.

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