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Dental Implant Site Development

When a patient has teeth that are broken down and need extraction, it is necessary to remove the offending teeth and then bone graft the extraction sockets for eventual implant placement.  The infected tissues are thoroughly cleaned, and then the sockets are sterilized using the CO2 laser.  The CO2 laser kills bacteria, promotes healing, and controls bleeding via cauterization.

Bone grafting (allograft) material is then placed in the socket.  The bone graft slowly resorbs or disappears over time allowing for a patient’s own bone to grow in and replace the grafted bone.

After the bone graft is placed, a collagen membrane is fashioned over the grafted site.  This contains the bone and excludes the soft tissue preventing the incorporation of the soft tissue down growth into the bone.  The soft tissue migrates at a much faster rate than the bone forming cells, so by excluding the soft tissue, the bone can form undisturbed.  This process is called guided bone regeneration in that we are guiding the bone to regenerate without the downgrowth of the soft tissue (epithelium and connective tissue).

At Fifth Avenue Perio, a vast majority of the sites we graft with allograft bone can be placed with dental implants approximately three months later.  During a consultation with Dr. Clifford Melnick, you can learn more about the dental implant site preparation process, and find out what steps might be necessary for you.

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